Our Classroom Space!

Where Kids Fit!


Thanks for checking out Where Kids Fit, "The Play-Smart Playschool!"

Our Classroom, Take One!


WE have the perfect space for 16 students, and with SO MANY exciting colors!

Our Classroom, Take Two!


Storytime station is back left, featuring wonderful children's classic books and puppets to make it even more captivating!

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A super-sized dry erase board for students to practice drawing and create their own art!

A Chalkboard Kids Can Reach!


Chalk, chalk, and more chalk so kids can draw, draw, and draw some more!

A Listening Center!


A real-life listening center that kids love to engage!

Our "Play-Smart" Play Space!

Our Play Centers, Take One!


We have great play centers designed for boys and girls!

Our Play Centers, Take Two!


From kitchen play to construction play to TONS of creative crayon play, our Play Centers have something that will FIT every student!

The Obstacle Course!


Lions and gorillas and monkeys, oh my!  Students will LOVE to "Play-Smart" in our challenging daily obstacle course! 

Our Tumble Trak!


Designed specifically to FIT younger athletes, our tumble trak is a 20 foot long trampoline that is tons of athletic, fitness fun!  Our kids can jump the giraffe and chase the cheetah while having TONS of flipping fun!

Spatial Skills Stations!


Learning to ROAR like a Lion and GROWL like a Gorilla, our kids will increase overall body awareness, control, and full-body processing by learning to balance right side up and upside down in our unique spatial skills stations!

Introducing the SMILE Lab!


Our "Play-Smart" play space is designed to be a SMILE Lab.  Through the SMILE lab, we create a "Simulated Motor Intensive Learning Environment" where kids are having a BLAST physically, while at the same time enjoying a big brain BOOST intellectually!

Our Free-Play Space!

An Indoor Playground


There's NEVER a rainy day in our awesome, indoor playground!  On beautiful days, we can open the big doors for tons of fresh air and sunshine!  On rainy days, we can still PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!  

An IN-GROUND Trampoline!


Our in-ground trampoline increases the safety of bounce-based play, while keeping all the athleticism and excitement of jumping, jumping, and more jumping!

Three Awesome Inflatables!


More than  30 feet of bounce, bounce, and more bounce on our inflatable air traks!

Kids LOVE The Rope Swing!


From "swing and drop" to "around the world", kids LOVE the challenges and excitement of enjoying the rope swing, over the safety of our bungee pit!

The Great Wall Of Climbing!


How high can YOU climb?  Our climbing wall is an AWESOME 10-foot tall challenge for aspiring, climbing kiddos, over the safety of our loose foam, bungee pit!

The Place "Where Kids Fit!"


3 inflatables, two in-ground trampolines, a rope swing, climbing wall, suspended over an enormous, loose-foam bungee pit, and 5000 square feet of open play space means EVERY kid has an opportunity to FIT here!, EVERYDAY, rain OR shine!